How it Works

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100% People-Powered

Megaphone is leveling the playing field. We are a platform designed to amplify the voices of people who have been drowned out of political discourse by an elite few. It’s time for YOUR voice to be heard!

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No More Middlemen

Gone are the days of blindly giving money to a candidate or committee, and not knowing where that money ends up. Megaphone cuts out those middlemen. When a project you back meets its goal, we execute it. Period.

no hidden agenda

No Hidden Agendas

Megaphone doesn’t censor projects. We don’t control which ones get funded. And we don’t accept money from political candidates. We have only one mission: to level the playing field of political speech by providing a platform for you to make your voice heard.

no clutter

Cutting Through the Clutter

Tired of all those boring, senseless ads? At Megaphone, YOU choose what gets funded. This creates competition in the marketplace of political speech at a scale that has never existed before, and ensures that only the most creative and compelling ads are aired.

How to get involved

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1. Explore

Explore current Megaphone projects and choose your favorite(s) to support

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2. Pledge

Pledge some money to become a backer (you’ll only be charged if the project is fully funded)

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3. Watch

Watch as your funded project makes a difference (you’ll get VIP status updates)

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